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These incredible clients knew they needed guidance and advice to take their real estate businesses to the next level. Read their stories to learn about their challenges, how we worked together, and what it took to transform their businesses.

These Clients Took CONTROL of Their Real Estate Trajectory

Glenroe Lending

Starting Situation: John Heeney, a successful and established entrepreneur came to me looking to improve his systems to prepare for the growth of his business and the addition of bringing his children into the business.

How we worked together: Over the term of our contract together we implemented multiple systems into his business including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), created job descriptions as well as roles and responsibilities for each of his children. We mapped out a clear vision of where the company would head over the next year and set measurable goals to recognize the success.

End Result: 3 of 4 of his children were trained and brought into the daily operations. They were guided along the way on their business acumen, their functional skills and worked to build out their roles. We implemented SOP’s into all areas of the business and put standardization in place to enhance the investor experience and decrease the workload. In return the business grew exponentially in all areas launching it into a successful new era.

Taylor and Jeremy

Starting Situation: TayJay Real Estate is a dynamic duo husband and wife team who had recently scaled their business quite quickly and were in need of a slow down to create a solid business foundation to house their growth in the coming years.

How we worked together: We worked one to one to divide their roles and responsibilities and uncover their strengths in the business. We built out Standard Operating procedures, implemented a CRM and a Project Management tool, created a communication strategy and updated their accounting principals so everything was streamlined.

End Result: They decreased their workload by dividing and conquering, let go of tasks that no longer fit their business and mapped out a strategy for growth.

Cornerstone Multifamily

A mentorship first corporation that leads with education and empowers it’s shareholders on how to invest in multifamily properties.

How we worked together: As the VP of Cornerstone Multifamily I was recruited to build the business development side of the business as well as develop and train all shareholders on their roles and responsibilities.

End Result: Creation of everything from CRM, and PM systems to creation of marketing documents and investor journey and email marketing. Meghan has spearheaded the growth of the business. In the first year of operation Cornerstone multifamily has acquired it’s first 53 doors. And is clearly positioned for growth as we move into 2024.

Athena Property Management: Melissa Dupuis

Starting Situation: Melissa came to me when she was in a position for growth but wanted to build her business in a sustainable way. A team of staff was already in place but with a heavy workload there were items that were getting missed.

How we worked together: We broke her business into the 4 main business areas. Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. Worked out a plan for growth in each area and started to remove items off her plate.

End Result: The business has a clear strategy for growth, understands its fixed and variable costs, mapped out financial forecasting for the year and is focused on growth drivers for the business. In addition all staff have accurate and up to date job descriptions and expectations mapped out that support their career development.

Charlotte Properties: Scott Rairdan

A booming and successful Property Management company with a speciality in Residential cleaning they came to me to better understand their business in order to create a strategy for growth. With so many moving parts they were looking for an outside perspective on how to map out their growth.

How we worked together:

Diving into their numbers allowed us to better uncover what the annual flow would be, a key priority in a seasonal business and key to long term growth. Understanding their monthly requirements as well as understanding the work flow within all of their properties.

End Result: We built out Job descriptions, work flows, audited their software functions, mapped out a forecast for the year and delegated tasks to the team in order to keep the owners working on the business.

Navio Immigration

When Brooke, a new mom of twins and a full force entrepreneur came to me with a clear vision for her business, yet looking for support. I knew we could map out a successful action plan together!

With so many moving parts in her dynamic and innovative business, we used Brooke’s precise vision of her business and broke it down into the 4 main business areas in order to strategically map out action items.

How we worked together: Weekly meetings held Brooke accountable to complete a time audit in the revenue drivers of her business. We developed her high level leadership skills which allowed her to work on the business while her team supported the work within the business.


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